Man Charged With Voter Fraud In Alorton

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ALORTON, IL. (KTVI) - Voter fraud charges have been filed in connection to the April 9th election in Alorton, Il. 25-year-old Steveland Kidd has been charged with 2 counts of Violation of Absentee Ballots.
Investigators believe they can prove Kidd submitted 2 absentee ballots that were not his.

Sheriff Rick Watson says a team of investigators spent 200 hours interviewing 200 people.

"The issue with voting and voter fraud investigations is that you don`t have DNA, there is no forensic evidence," said Watson.

The winner of the election, JoAnn Reed says she was the one who reported the voter frraud to authorities.
Outgoing Alorton Mayor Tremylla Johnson believes it was one of her opponents behind the fraud.

"They lied, cheated and stole," said Johnson. "They did everything but kill."

Watson would not say which candidate Kidd was supporting.

"This investigation might not be over," explained Watson. "I don't want to get into too many details."
Johnson claims voter fraud was widespread during the most recent election.

Watson said Kidd is not the only person being investigated.

"Other names have come up," said the sheriff.

St. Clair County election officials are scheduled to certify the election results on Tuesday, April 30th.
Johnson said she will contest the results.

Absentee Ballot Charges

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