Big Haul For DEA Drug Take Back

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Update:  795 pounds of unused prescriptions were turned over to law enforcement officials at the prescription take back event.

LADUE, MO (KTVI)-It was the equivalent of a major bust. The Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA,  hauled away trash bags full of dangerous drugs from across the St. Louis area. These were not drug dealers seizing a chance to come clean; these were just people cleaning out their medicine cabinets on Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. They were dumping drugs more likely to be abused by young people than heroin and cocaine combined.

Rick Williams with Ladue Pharmacy said, "Unfortunately, there are people, including kids, who will raid their parents medicine cabinets to find unused medicines, such as pain medications and things like that.

Anne Rabenberg dumped her parents' old medications. She had enough for two trips because she had been storing them, locked up, for a year waiting for an event like this.

"I attended a class at my son's high school.  They said that's one of the biggest things is kids going through closets," explained Rabenberg. "I just loaded it up into a little closet until I could find a good way to get rid of it."

There were more than 70 collection sites within a 50 mile radius of St. Louis Saturday. Authorities have collected more than two million pounds of pills during five previous events.

Another drug take back collection will be held in the Fall.

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