Mendte: Police security Cameras

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Police are getting extra help in communities across the nation, including St. Louis, where security cameras are patrolling the streets.  Larry Mendte wonders if more will be going up after the Boston attacks.

It was unprecedented in law enforcement history.  24 hours after the bombs blew at the finish line in Boston, investigators had video of the two suspects committing the crime courtesy of a department store surveillance camera.

Thank god for that camera, because incredibly, police did not have a surveillance camera at the scene.  Boston it turns out is one of the least wired up big cities in the world with only 150 police controlled cameras, compare that to 3,000 cameras in the New York financial district alone and 400,000 police cameras in London.

New York police can watch you at every major intersection and in high crime areas and they even have a mobile eye in the sky for major events like the Boston marathon.  The NYC Police commissioner wants more cameras.

After Boston, he will get them, Boston should get them, every major city in the country should be flooded with them.

Of course the ACLU has a problem with that arguing that the cameras do not deter crime and that only one crime is solved a year for every 1,000 cameras.

First, it is impossible to measure how many crimes were actually deterred.  And as for the one in a thousand, that`s still 30,000 crimes solved a yea.

That may not mean a lot to the ACLU, but it means everything to 30,000 crime victims.

The simple truth is there is no law that guarantees you privacy when you are out in public.  The only people who should be concerned about more cameras going up are criminals, the rest of us should feel protected by a security blanket of surveillance protection.