Stress-Free Garden Advice

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(KPLR) - It would be great to say spring has sprung but this spring is weird.

But soon, no doubt, we'll be able to get into the garden. Taylor Reich from Home Depot gave some advice on stress-free gardening.

Five Keys to Stress-free Gardening

Creating an inviting outdoor space can increase the beauty and value of a home. However, building the perfect garden does not have to be a stressful experience. Armed with the right tools, a few creative gardening techniques can help you master the art of “stress-free gardening.”

Here’s how to get started:

Prepare Your Planter

It’s essential to give your plants room to grow roots and to provide the ability to drain excess water. Although traditional terra cotta or plastic flower pots can serve your purposes well, if space is limited, you may want to consider square or rectangle plantersmade of copper or wood that sit in a row and fit neatly on a windowsill or table, consolidating your garden and embellishing its visual appeal.

Choose Low Maintenance Plants

Plants that require minimal maintenance and are well suited for growing in your region’s climate are the best choice for gardening beginners.  Simply drop them into your selected spot, add water and soil, and watch them grow. This method of “drop and bloom” gardening will create a thriving garden all season long. The Home Depot Garden Club Plant Search is a great tool to help identify types of low-maintenance plants based on watering, sun and temperature requirements for your region.  

Plan Your Garden’s Layout

When designing a garden it is important to think about different colors and shapes that will add visual interest. “Thriller, filler and spiller” is a simple concept that can help in designing a visually interesting garden. First select the thriller to serve as your garden’s focal point. Smaller plants serve as the filler – used to fill in the space between the focal point plants. Finally, low-growing, cascading plants serve as the spiller – used to cover the ground of the garden.

Gather Your Tools

The right garden tools can make all the difference when it comes to keeping plants alive and conserving water. Consider the size of your planter when selecting your tools to ensure you are not damaging surrounding plants as you work. Invest in a good garden hose and keep it organized and out of sight. Select a lightweight watering tool with adjustable spray patterns to reduce wasted water while making sure you can reach every nook and cranny of your garden.

Using a good quality fertilizer is also key to the continued success of your garden. Organic fertilizer can stimulate healthy root growth, aid in flower and fruit production and help keep plants green, and applying an effective weed and insect control system can keep your garden blooming without any hassle.

Easy Outdoor Storage Solutions

Innovative and durable storage solutions can be used to create an organization system for frequently used gardening tools. For small hand tools and gardening supplies, select a compact and attractive storage solution to keep on your deck. For tools you need close at hand, select a portable gardening tool bag for mobility and easy access.  

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