De Soto Flood Victims Frustrated One Week After Flash Flood

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DE SOTO, MO. (KPLR) - Thursday marks the one week anniversary of flash flooding that damaged 140 homes in De Soto.

There are still 20 homes without power.  The city is still trying to determine whether those homes will be condemned.

Some residents are growing weary over the cleanup.

Nadine Sebastian had flood insurance but started to tear up as she talked about the pile of debris sitting in front of her house.

“It’s really hard to through away everything that you have for years and years,” she said.

Ruby McCord did not have flood insurance.  She says she could not afford it after her husband recently passed away.

“I’m not one to ask for help but I went on Facebook and literally begged for help,” said McCord.

Melissa Hemmen is the mother of three and living out of a hotel with her family until repairs can be made to her home.

Her family had flood insurance that covered damage to the home but it did not cover damage to other property.

She and several other wish some type of government help was available.

City Administrator David Dews says the damage was not widespread enough to quality for funding.

“While there’s not a federal declaration, there certainly is help from outside agencies,” said Dews.

He said the De Soto Chamber of Commerce was coordinating help along with the American Red Cross and 1st Baptist Church in De Soto.

“It’s been neighbors helping neighbors,” said Dews.

He encouraged residents to push their trash to the curb as the city works to remove it.  There were piles of trash on Wednesday night outside several of the flooded homes.

“We’re just doing the best we can,” said McCord.

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