Thieves Targeting Older Cars For Scrap

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - FOX2 News and News11 web team manager Joe Millitzer has had bad luck in the last few years. He has been a victim car theft not once but twice since 2010. But tech savvy Joe set up security cameras in front of his home on Minnesota Avenue in South St. Louis and caught thieves in the act.  In 2010, Millitzer lost his 1987 Ford Tempo and on Sunday morning his wife's 1986 GMC truck was swiped and likely sold for scrap.

"I woke up Sunday morning to mow my lawn and noticed that my car was gone. Both of these cars are over 20 -years -old and when I filed the police report the police officer said to me this time that this is a problem with cars at that age there`s no title required when you when you submit it to a salvage yard." said Millitzer.

Missouri State Bill 1150 was revised in 2012 making the sale of old cars easier for owners and opening the door thieves.
"My car is probably flat as a pancake right now at a salvage yard." Millitzer said.

The bill states in part: "A motor vehicle that is inoperable and is at least ten model years old, a scrap metal operator may purchase or acquire such motor vehicle or parts without receiving the original certificate of title."

Millitzer has lost more than cars; thieves also stole packages from his porch over the holidays.

But says he is committed to St. Louis and hopes crime numbers drop. His next car will be a newer less desirable model.
'I'm not moving anywhere anytime soon." He said.

Missouri House Bill: 1150

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