Mendte: America Stands With Boston

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – It’s been a week since the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  And while Boston and the rest of the country are beginning to get back to normal, Larry Mendte says the entire country continues to stand with Boston.

Across America, we all feel a lasting kinship with Boston, for when a municipal brother is attacked the whole American family is attacked.

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are bitter rivals on the baseball field.

But not this week, a sign at Yankee stadium reminds us that the two cities united by cowardly attacks and patriotism, stand united.

Boston is a gritty, tough and defiant city.  It has been through history.

The Boston Marathon bombings happened on a statewide holiday, Patriot’s Day, a day that marks the shot heard round the world that started the Boston revolution.

In 1775 Boston stood in defiance to terrorism. Today they stand in defiance of terror.

As one Bostonian put it, 'if this was an act of terror, we`re not terrified.'

President Obama channeled Boston’s defiance in his speech at the prayer service for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Those in the pews at Boston’s cathedral of the holy cross erupted into a long standing ovation after that line.

The whole speech deserves a standing ovation.

If you didn`t see it, gather with your family and watch it on the internet; it is difficult not to be filled with pride and emotion as the president speaks.

It matters not if you are democrat or republican on a day like this and you can`t afford to be non-partisan, we are all Americans today.

We can debate what divides us tomorrow, but today I stand with my president and I stand with Boston.

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