Clarksville Residents Continue To Battle Flooding

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CLARKSVILLE, MO (KPLR)-- In Clarksville, Missouri, the flood fight is far from over.  Citizens are winning the war but there are still some battles to fight.  Mayor Jo Anne Smiley said, "We’re working to make sure this emergency does not turn into a disaster.“

The latest problem Monday afternoon was the man-made wall that’s protecting Clarksville from the Mississippi River.  Water is seeping through in a couple places.  Mayor Smiley said, “Two spots in the wall have weakened and they’re attempting to shore them up.”

Sand baggers were still working.  National Guardsmen, volunteers even prisoners were helping .  Nancy Cook is a volunteer, “No I don’t have to (be here), I love this town.”

Karen Eudy was also filling bags with sand, “It’s just to help the community because it’s such a cute little town.”

An antique store was all but an island.  While next door the property surrounding a restaurant was almost dry.  After the 2010 flood the owner build her own flood wall and it was working.  Nathalie Pettus and her 50 employees held a wedding last week and they’re hosting another one this weekend.  Pettus said, “I’m going to be giving each one of my staff a mug that’s say keep calm and carry on because they have been so wonderful.”

It takes a lot of wonderful people to hold back the mighty Mississippi.  One volunteer said, “Heck yeah we’re going to win the battle.”  The mayor believes they have enough volunteers lined up for the rest of the week.  The river is forecast to remain high for days to come.

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