Barges Break Loose On The Mississippi River

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-A barge accident on the Mississippi River shut down the J.B. Bridge for a time early Sunday morning. The Coast Guard says that a total of 114 barges broke loose overnight from the Port of St. Louis. Ten barges sank.

J.B. Marine told FOX 2 that the barges were parked in groups. When one broke loose it bumped into another barge knocking it loose. Those barges knocked into other barges creating a domino effect.

Barges were scattered up and down the river, as far south as the Meramec River.  The Mississippi River is running high and fast which allowed the barges to travel quickly downstream.

Website: Check Area River Levels

It is estimated that as many as four barges struck the J.B. Bridge, which is designed to be able to take such hits. But to be safe, MoDOT shut the bridge down for a time to conduct an inspection.

Crews spent the day working to round up all of the wayward barges.