Survivors From The Boston Marathon Arrive Home

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LAMBERT AIRPORT (KTVI) - St. Louisans who were in Boston for the marathon were happy and relieved to be back home Tuesday.  Marathon runner Heather Boegemann got a huge welcome home hug from her father.  She said, 'It`s amazing it`s amazing that they came to meet me here.'

Boegemann along with other family members were in Boston to cheer Heather at the marathon.  She never completed the race.  The two bomb explosions prevent that from happening.  Sarah Dexter is Heather`s cousin said, "It was very grave, it was very scary.'

The family was gathered near the finish line in between both explosions.  Dexter said, 'You could feel it in your whole body, you could feel the heat, you could feel things flying in the air.'

Family members could not find Heather in all the chaos.  Shelly Zak is her mother, 'It was horrible because for an hour and a half I didn`t know if she was alive or dead it was the scariest thing in my whole entire life.'

Also glad to be home were Mike Spencer and his wife and marathon runner Nofa.  The couple lives in Clayton.  Nofa Shibley-Spencer said, 'Everybody was panicking it was mass chaos.'  Mike Spencer added, 'It was just a mess, it was horrible.'

The two did not reunite for several long minutes after the explosions and when they did tears of joy flowed. Mike Spencer said, 'We were both crying to be able to see each other not knowing if either one of us, not knowing if the other had survived.'  Nofa said, 'It was the happiest moment I told him it was the happiest time I`ve seen him I was so relieved to see him.'

Glad to be alive and glad to be home, that`s how many who took part in the marathon were feeling.

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