Storm Victims Face Threat Of More Severe Weather

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HAZELWOOD, MO. (KPLR) - The threat of more severe weather is making life in tornado damaged parts of North St. Louis County even more worrisome.

The tornado left Jerry Brown`s home uninhabitable, so he`s been packing up what he can and putting out buckets where he must-- water is still leaking through his damaged roof and he is worried more rain will make it worse.

'Yesterday when I was talking to my adjuster it started hailing. I couldn`t believe it was happening like that,' Brown said.

'I`ve been hit one time and that`s enough for me.'

At times it seems like Hazelwood can`t catch a break.

On Tuesday, the intersection of Howdershell Road and Lynn Haven Lane flash flooded because a sewer pipe was choked with storm debris.

Meanwhile, roofing crews have been busy trying to get everything buttoned up before the next wave of storms.

'Right now I think they are in good shape unless they get hit with another tornado,' said carpenter Dave Godfrey.

Mayor Matthew Robinson knows many of those damaged properties could still be vulnerable in another bad storm.

'Even (Monday) night`s storm tore the edges of some of the tarps off and there were some calls for volunteers to come back out and nail those types of things back down,' Robinson said.

The mayor hopes if the weather is nice this weekend, volunteers will come back to help finish cleaning up debris.

Hazelwood is not the only North County town with damage.  The tornado also touched down in Florissant, severely damaging 23 homes, and moderately damaging another 36, including June McKinney`s.

'I was enjoying a vacation with my daughter and granddaughter in Rome and got a telephone saying, mom your tree is gone, your fence is gone,' McKinney said.

'I consider myself lucky because some neighbors have it a lot worse.'

Jerry Brown also considers himself lucky because he has now cheated death twice.

Not only did he survive the tornado, during the 2010 workplace shooting at ABB,     Brown took a bullet to the leg.

'Death ain`t got nothing on me,' Brown said.

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