Fox Theatre Ceiling To Be Renovated Before Broadway Season

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - The Fabulous Fox Theatre hopes to raise the roof with their new season, but before that they're going to clean it.

'The one thing that didn't get done in the original restoration is the ceiling because they literally ran out of time and money,' says Fox Theatre President Richard Baker.  'They were able to clean it but they did so from spider stages and with long brushes on a stick.'

Starting June 9th until early September the theater will undergo a million dollar renovation to restore the ceiling to its 1929 splendor.

'Thirteen tractor trailer loads worth of scaffolding because it takes them the better part of two weeks to set them up,' says Baker.

The work will be done before the Fox's 31st Broadway season.

Monday the grand theater on Grand Avenue held a preview for subscribers.

You'll see shows like Sister Act, Evita and We Will Rock You, featuring the music of Queen.

But a first for the Fox is “Once”, based on the hit movie.

'If a show wins nine Tony awards, you're going to bring that show to people,' says Baker.

There will also be the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Elf the musical which is being brought to you by the Fox and Grand Center.

'Our share of the proceeds from the show will go to funding the first phase of our Grand Center master plan,' says Grand Center President Vince Schoemehl.  That includes improving traffic flow, lighting and signage in what organizers call the cultural center of St. Louis.

'Because we all know theater always pushes the boundaries,' says Baker.  'That's just what theater does and it's maybe a little ahead of society.  But most people if they actually sit down with an open mind, they end up liking the show.'

And the views of that renovated ceiling won't be too bad either.

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