Jacology: St. Louis Secrets-Father Biondi, Stan Kroenke And Schnucks

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(KPLR) – Thursday’s Jacology, Charles Jaco looks at how easy it is for some big shots in st. Louis to keep secrets.

When people talk about transparency, they don't mean you should be able to see right through flimsy excuses. Transparency means being open and public about decisions and about responses in a crisis whether it's corporations, universities or governments. In the 21st century it's amazing how many St. Louis institutions don't get it.

Exhibit a, St. Louis University and its president, Father Lawrence Biondi. A new survey from the American association of university professors finds 73 percent of the SLU faculty wants Biondi to quit. The student and faculty senates have voted both saying Biondi should go. And how do Biobndi and SLU handle this disastrous erosion of confidence? By refusing to acknowledge the problem and hiding Biondi from media scrutiny.

Exhibit b, the St. Louis Rams and their owner Stan Kroenke. Kroenke is worth five billion dollars, and just had taxpayers pay his legal bills in his arbitration case with the dome. The arbitrators decided that 700 million in taxpayer dollars would need to be spent to rebuild the dome to meet top tier NFL standards. And Kroenke? Who knows? Maybe he's hiding in the bunker with Biondi.

Exhibit c, Schnucks supermarkets and the Schnucks family owners. Schnucks has handled the hacking of customers debit and credit cards badly, not notifying customers until two weeks after Schnucks spotted the cyber attack; and communicating to the public and media through press releases. Interviews with supermarket executives? No way. So it must be getting kind of crowded in that bunker.

Guys and I say this because all three institutions are run mostly by guys, are you nuts? Did you all take lessons in dealing with the public from BP after the gulf oil well disaster? Or was it from FEMA after Hurricane Katrina? We know well things turned out for them, don't we?

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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