Tornado Damage Brings Out The Best In Volunteers

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UNION, MO. (KPLR) - Tornado victims from 2011 say they feel the pain felt by victims from Wednesday's storm.

"Once it hits it's like, wow, it's a disaster," said Charlene Taylor.

Casey Walker says here Berkeley neighborhood has bounced back even though at the time it didn't seem possible.

"It was like, when will I be able to get back inside my home," recalled Walker.

Kimberly Jordan was another Good Friday tornado victim.  She says the tragedy brought out the best in people.

"We tend to help one another more now, there's a real closeness," said Jordan.

Members of First Baptist Church in Union know the feeling.  Strangers stopped on Thursday to help clean up the damage from Wednesday`s storm.

Sheet metal was ripped from the roof and building insulation blown all over the parking lot.

"I keep asking them why they want to help," said church member John McKinney.

The two volunteers didn`t know each other.  They just stopped to join in the clean up effort.

"I just wanted to help pick it up," said Brittany Carpenter.

"It's so sad but it could have been a lot worse," said Katlynn Masters.

First Baptist was still working out details on future services.  A contractor was expected to arrive on Friday to help cleanup.

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