Priest Receives The Gift Of Life From Relative

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO. (KPLR) - Father Glenn Eftink learned he would need a kidney transplant in April of 2012.

Doctors told him he would likely have to wait three to five years for the transplant, but thanks to his cousin he only waited one year.

"She was so generous in offering this gift," Etink said. "God will bless her."

Dozens of Father Eftink's church members also volunteered to donate a kidney.

"It was so moving to see these people step up for me," Eftink said.

"In the end many were my match, but my cousin is."

The transplant surgery was performed Thursday morning at SLU Hospital.

Officials there said it was a success.

Father Eftink said he was looking forward to recovering and returning to his church during an interview before the surgery.

"That would be great to be back soon," he said.

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