Hazelwood Community Stronger Than Ever After Tornado Hits

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HAZELWOOD, MO (KPLR)-- The folks who went through this storm have plenty of stories to tell.

A lot of the damage is fairly intense. A tree was uprooted and took out a water line. Another tree is barely standing and will have to come down. In all this, no one's injured. No one's dead. And the sense of community is as strong as ever:

Seven-year-old Daron Travis and 10-year-old Deshaun Nickels are cleaning up debris and watching the hole in their roof being patched.

Next door, Jenny Furey scrolls through the photos she took at the height of the storm while trying to keep her three dogs calm. The dogs and jenny were fine. The car parked out front? Not so much.

Down the street, Bob Selby, who's blind, was home alone.

“I felt this weird pressure. I was still up in the kitchen by the time I got down to the basement it was over. I didn’t really know what hit. I heard all this debris come flying through here. It was just wild,” he stated.

Out front, crews from neighboring Ferguson have come to Hazelwood to help. Friends, neighbors, even complete strangers have showed up to pitch in.

And that sense of community is what holds this neighborhood together, despite the damage.

And what an act of nature tried to tear apart, acts of kindness hold together, giving new meaning to an old word, community.

And those efforts paid off. When we got here a few hours ago, an area was a debris field. Now, it's a lot better. But given the people who live here, that's not surprising.