Conceal & Carry Permit Info Released To Federal Govt.

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The Missouri Highway Patrol says a list of Missourians who have permits to carry concealed weapons was released to the federal government.  According to testimony during a Senate Appropriations hearing in Jefferson City, the information came from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

According to testimony, the Social Security Administration was never able to access the data. The request was part of an investigation to determine disability fraud related to mental illness claims.  If a subject met mental health requirements for conceal carry, then the SSA wanted to see if that same person was claiming disability due to mental illness.

The testimony came during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.  Missouri republicans vow to have more hearings on the issue.

During a break in today's hearing, State Senator Kurt Schaefer, (R) Columbia, held this news briefing.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the information shared was with an investigative agency.