Ameren Customers Appreciate The Sacrifice Of Workers

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ST. ANN, MO. (KTVI) - The aftermath of Wednesday’s severe weather has Ameren crews through the night to restore power. Crews got bad news about a co-worker when daylight hit.  Just before 11:00am Thursday morning a lineman was electrocuted while working at the 3500 block of San Jose Lane.

Crewmembers took the worker to DePaul Health Center but he didn’t make it. Ameren officials say it’s a tragic loss for friends and family.

“He’s an 18 -year veteran the workers are a very tight knit family it always hurts me when this happens its impacting them as well.  I can’t begin to express words on how the family is impacted by this.” Said Michael Moehn of Ameren.

Ameren customer Elaine Bonzon says she appreciates the hard work that Ameren crews did to restore her chesterfield neighborhood. It was one of the worst storms she has ever been in.

“In the light of day we could see the poles were down Ameren has been out here all day working. Much appreciation goes out to all of them.” Said Bonzon.

There are still thousands in need of power and Ameren is asking customers for patience.

“We always focus on safety. Again I know people want their power back on and we are focused on that but we want to make sure our people do it safely.” Moehn said.

There were 43,000 customers out of power at last check it stands at 12,000. The name of the lineman has not been released and the incident is still under investigation.

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