150 Kids Unharmed When Union, MO Church Roof Ripped Off

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UNION, MO (KPLR) – Worshipers at the First Baptist Church in Union, Missouri lived through a scary night Wednesday.  The church's new metal roof was torn off about half of one portion of one building.  Strips of the metal roofing reached all the way to the ground.

Church members stayed calm and evacuated to safe areas in the church. No one was hurt as the storm roared through the city.

A custodian at the church told meteorologist Chris Higgins there was a youth meeting at the church Wednesday night. About 150 children from four years old through teens were meeting when the tornado warning was sounded.

He said the children were scared, but calmly moved to a safer portion of the church about 10 minutes before the winds hit. Chris Higgins says the damage may have been caused my straight line winds going 70-80 miles an hour.

No one was injured.