Manchester Water Main Repair Expected To Take A Year

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MANCHESTER, MO (KTVI)-- If you are driving on Manchester just west of Highway 141 you can expect to run into some nighttime lane closures.

Missouri American Water is replacing an aging water main that runs directly under Manchester Road.  The old main is at least 70 years old and was laid when Manchester was a gravel road.

The work will last about one year and will cover a 2 mile stretch from Henry to Old Ballwin Roads.

"Our first section is from Henry to Baxter Road along the north side of Manchester," explained Missouri American Water spokeswoman Ann Dettmer.

She hopes the drivers will be careful when they drive through the work areas.  The work will be done Sundays through Fridays.  Each of those nights the work will be begin at 8:30pm and end by 6:00am.

"We're doing this at a time when it's not disruptive to businesses and we just hope that people will drive cautiously," said Dettmer.

David Iorio is the manager of the Imo`s pizza near Henry and Manchester.  He also lives nearby.

"We've had a few water troubles here in the past in our area and it would be nice to see it upgraded definitely," said Iorio.

He is also glad the work is being done at night so it doesn't make an already congested afternoon drive on Manchester worse.

Dettmer believes some scheduled inconvenience is better than an unexpected water main break.  She hopes drivers will be patient.

Dettmer says Missouri American Water spends 30 to 50 million dollars a year replacing the aging water system.