Cahokia School Board Votes To Cut More Than 100 Positions

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CAHOKIA, IL (KTVI) – Scores of teachers, staff and coaches got their pink slips Monday night in the Cahokia school district.  All extracurricular programs, including every sport, may vanish next year.

State, federal and local funding is predicted to be cut by almost $5 million, this after the district lost about $5 million in the past two years.  Cahokia had already cut soccer, golf and tennis, next year there may be no football, basketball as well as all other athletic activities.

Tina Burke is the mother of a freshman who plays baseball,"'It`s horrible I`m very sad and upset about it I don`t know what were going to do if we stay here in Cahokia or we move you know."

The school board voted Monday night to layoff more than 100 school employees.  They are planning to get rid of music, art and P.E. in the grade school classrooms.  School superintendent Art Ryan said, "The state legislature is funding the state money problems on the backs of the children."

Cutting out sports will hurt high school seniors` chances of going to college.  Leslie Harder is president of the Teachers` federation, "It`s really going to hurt kids` chances for scholarships."  Art Ryan added, "There`s nothing being done here that in any way shape or form is good for kids."  Tina Burke said, "Losing teachers, it`s just not good for anyone."

The school board is waiting for the state legislature`s budget in May before they lock the layoffs and cuts in stone.