Bill O’Reilly Blows Up At Laura Ingraham Over Commentary Transcript (VIDEO)

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(KTVI) – In this clip from FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly responds to criticism from his opponents. He said last week that gay marriage opponents need to do more than just “thump the bible” to win an argument. O’Reilly broadcasted a commentary saying that the media is trying to start a fight between himself and Rush Limbaugh.

A heated debate with FOX News commentator Laura Ingraham over the issue has gone viral. In the exchange O’Reilly said this about Limbaugh, “I don’t care what he says, he can say whatever he wants.” He also said that he is disappointed in Ingram.

An exert from Bill O’Reilly’s April 3rd Talking Points Memo titled, “Bill O’Reilly: The left-wing media, Rush Limbaugh and me” :

“The two people the liberal media fear most are radio guy Rush Limbaugh and me, your humble correspondent. That’s because we both have powerful daily forums where we can explain what we believe is harmful to the country.

Recently on the net a number of left-wing media folks have tried to drum up a phony feud, citing divisions within the so-called conservative community. Like they point to me and Limbaugh as the primary example. The reportage is simply dishonest. The loons are taking my commentary out of context as they always do.

I mean both Mr. Limbaugh and I literally say millions of words on the year each year. It’s simple to distort them. Especially for readers who have no blanking clue, who never watch or listen to us.

The liberal media overarch on me is that I change my beliefs based upon public whim. A foolish lie easily disproved. In fact, in fact, in a positive quirk of fate, I have a new book called “Keep it Pithy” coming out in a couple of weeks. That book contains my major commentaries over a 17- year period. And, believe me, believe me, I’m going to use that book to hammer these liars all day long.”

See the full transcript here:

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