Princeton Female Alum Causing Controvery with Advice to Current Students

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) One of the first female graduates of Princeton University is causing some controversy over some advice she gave to current students. Susan Patton wrote a letter to the school paper recently advising female students to find a husband on-campus before graduating.

Here is a quote she gave during a recent interview, “Take the task of building your life’s happiness, if you want home and family, start thinking about who you’re going to marry sooner. Don’t defer that decision for 10 years, cause what happens is these women on these college campuses who graduate, they spend the first 10 years post-graduation developing only their careers. So now they’re in their early 30’s and their options of eligible, marriable men have compressed. And it gets exponentially more difficult every year from there and there is a hard stop on the time frame from which they can bear children.  So I’m just saying add it to the mix, as you’re getting your world-class education, as you’re planning your career, as you’re developing your life-long friendships, start thinking sooner rather than later about having children with a man who will support your intellectual curiosity, who will applaud your achievement, won’t be threatened by you, for a lifetime.”

Patton also suggests not marrying someone that isn’t as smart as you. Patton currently works in the human resource industry.

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