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Mendte: North Korea And War

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Larry Mendte looks at the mounting tensions between North and South Korea and the U.S. response.

The United States is officially in a global showdown.

The problem is the guy they are staring down is absolutely bonkers.

That would be Kim Jong un the dictator of North Korea, whose only known accomplishment is that he is the son of the equally insane former dictator of North Korea Kim Jong il.

After Jong-un threatened to launch nuclear weapons against the United States and then actually fired a missile into the Sea of Japan just to prove he could.

We decided to send a sky full of B-52 bombers over South Korea as a reminder of what we can do.

And then a few days later we sent two B-2 stealth bombers with nuclear capability just to make certain he got the message.

He did. North Korean television reports that the leader is burning with anger and he threatened to turn America into a sea of fire.

North Korean television has been showing a propaganda video of a nuclear attack on the United States.

He doesn`t really have the ability to do that; but he can attack South Korea and that would trigger a potential chain of events nobody wants.

We would back South Korea.  We wouldn`t have to send troops or equipment because we already have 28,000 troops there ready to go and South Korea has a substantial army.

And so this standoff is real and it is tense, China and Russia have both called for calm; they are allies of North Korea, but they also see Kim Jong-un as crazy.

Crazy, but is he stupid?  Or maybe the better question is he suicidal?

I am hoping he is smarter than he looks; we just ended one war and are winding down another, and we have found out the hard way too many times in these standoffs that once the shooting starts, nobody wins.

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