Despite Snowfall, Six Flags Still Plans To Open Friday

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EUREKA, MO (KPLR) - Crews at Six Flags St. Louis scrambled to dig the amusement park out after last Sunday`s record snowfall.  Opening day is Friday, March 29, 2013.

From Bommarito Automotive Skyfox, you could see Six Flags buried under a foot of snow.

"Myself, just like everybody else that works at the park, saw all that and thought, Oh no!  We open in 5 days," spokesperson Elizabeth Gotway laughed nervously.

The staff tried to have a sense of humor.

"We were laughing," as she walked over the snowed-in entrance.  "We were like, `Are we gonna have a snowman contest?`"

Then, the team started working to get the new season started on-schedule by Friday morning.

"We can`t really use a lot of salt in the park, because you`ve got a lot of surfaces that the salt will eat into," Gotway pointed at the blacktop.

You could hear leafblowers start up.  Gotway said crews are also using water hoses and plows to get snow off the walkways.  Mother Nature helped clear the Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast, melting most of the snow on that ride in less than three hours.

"The sunshine is a gift for us," she said.

Clearing the front entrance would not be as easy.

"The darker surfaces will heat up easily. Your lighter surfaces are not," Gotway pointed out.  "So this front mall area, we will have to be a place we are going to have to come and remove the snow physically."

The crew refused to disappoint ticket holders.

"It`s $20.13. A dollar of that goes to the Salvation Army," Gotway explained  "And, we have guests that have been purchasing those tickets for a week now.  So, they have those tickets in their hands."

Lowes is sponsoring opening weekend.

"So, we`re like, `How fitting is that?  We can all go on over to Lowes and get snow shovels,`" Gotway continued to look on the bright side.

After the shock from last weekend, six flags should open on-time next weekend.

"Oh, we`re thrilled," she laughed.  "It was great to come in today and see a lot of it starting to melt, already."

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