Mendte: President Obama And Gun Control

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – The nation is divided over gun control laws and congress is split over it too.

Larry Mendte asks if President Obama has given up on his fight.

Remember this ending to the state of the union last month.  The president in front of the world demanding a vote for stricter gun control.

It was powerful, it was emotional.

And as it turns out it was all just theater as the presidential advocate quickly became a realist.

By all accounts that was the last real push the white house made for a ban on assault rifles, bullet heavy magazines and background checks.

The reality is the legislation never had a chance and the president bailed on it as soon it was obvious that there wasn`t the will or the votes in congress.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who said last month that the NRA has lost its power seemed resigned during a national interview yesterday that he was wrong.

And before the NRA is demonized in this process, it is much more than Wayne Lapierre, its president; it is 85 million legal gun owners’ legal gun owners who give the group its power.

The vast majority of these gun owners have never fired or even pointed a gun at someone; they have a gun in their home for self-defense to defend themselves against bad guys and against the government.

The founders of the constitution were wary of governmental power and wanted individuals and the state to have equal power to protect themselves.

In these days of drones and satellites that rationale is now ridiculous, but it underscores a deep mistrust of the government.

And that is the core of why a ban on assault weapons won`t come up for a vote because  millions of Americans don`t trust the government and anyone who votes for a ban would be voted out of office in states where gun ownership is sacred.

President Obama knew that when he gave this speech, but it`s easy to have such convictions when you can`t run for re-election.  The members of the senate he was talking over don`t have that luxury.