Heavy Snow Damages Buildings And Plants

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - The big snow of 2013 is melting away but the problems it caused remain.  It looked like it was raining in the social studies classroom at Parkway North High School.  Heavy snow caused the roof to leak.  They posted signs outside alerting everyone that melting snow could slide off and hit someone.

At Sherwood`s Forest Nursery in West County they have tens of thousands of plants, trees and shrubs.  Only a few were damaged by the storm.  The owner is receiving calls from customers who are worried about their gardens.  Owner David Sherwood said, 'There`s going to be a lot of old 20 years old trees and shrubs that need to be replaced.'

He said the storm could have been much worse, 'This wasn`t really that bad because everything is still dormant the trees really hadn`t leafed out, a few years ago when all the trees were leafed out and flowered out you saw a lot of breakage, Bradford pears, magnolias and things of that sort.'

In Forest Park the disappearing snow is revealing the green lawn underneath and that`s a nice site for park goers. One woman said, 'Now that it`s melting I`m ready for spring and it better be warm for home opener.'  Another woman added, 'I`m ready for flowers and Easter and the farmer`s market.'

Although spring weather is late David Sherwood said it promises to be lovely, 'It`s going to be a beautiful spring when everything flowers, it`s all going to come at once.'

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