Cardinals Asking Twitter Followers To Pick Road Uniforms

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The St. Louis Cardinals want fans to decide which color cap the players will wear during road games.  They are asking fans to go to vote for their favorite uniform combination.

The color of the cap is the final touch in the 2013 uniform updates.  The Cardinals revealed new uniforms in November.  The team will wear an alternate uniform on Saturdays that will feature “St. Louis” in place of “Cardinals” on the jersey.

On Tuesday and Wednesday fans will be asked to vote on the Cardinal’s website.  The Cardinal’s twitter followers will have the final say in the uniform selection.  Fans who tweet on Thursday with the hashtags #AllBlueSTL, #AllRedSTL, #BluevsRed, #GetawayDays will be making the final vote for the uniforms.  Each tweet will count as a vote and twitter users can post as many times as they want.  Each tweet will count as a vote.

The final result will be announced when all the votes are counted.

Vote on the Cardinal’s website:

Follow the cardinals on twitter:

What the hash tags mean:

  • #AllBlueSTL –  Continue to wear blue STL caps during road games red STL caps at home
  • #AllRedSTL – Wear red STL caps during both road and home games
  • #BluevsRed – Wear blue STL caps on the road but only when playing against red teams
  •  #GetawayDays –  Wear blue STL caps on road “getaway days” (the last game of each road series