Emergency Operations Center Opens For Dangerous Roads

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - MoDOT crews, some 200 trucks and 400 workers began hitting the highways at midnight pretreating. Even though it all started as rain streets were slick, a three car accident in O’Fallon damaged one car heavily. By sunrise the snow started covering the ground and by 9am the roads became snow packed. MoDOT was gang plowing on interstate 70.

The winter wonderland in Lake St. Louis was a headache for some and something to behold by others.

"It’s just clean and fresh just makes everything look good." said motorist Elizabeth Swann.

St. Charles city roads turned dangerous quickly. A hill on Dorset road proved too much of challenge for drivers Truman Hawthorne and his wife Evelyn.

"I got about halfway and had to stop for another car so when I did I was hung up too." said Truman Hawthorn.

You needed a four wheel drive with a plow to make your way down historic main street. The storm is so bad in St. Charles county they opened up the emergency operations center. The EOC jumped into action at 8:30am. Different agencies work together to ensure the well being of citizens. They keep in contact with other EOC’s in the area and organizations like the American Red Cross.

Colene McEntee of the St. Charles County Emergency Operations Center said, "We opened it up to be prepared because of the severity of the situation with the amount of snow coming down heavy and quickly. Just prepared in the event of power outages or anything of that nature."

One positive from all the snow hotels and motels will likely see an increase in business as travelers leave the roads and wait it out.

Traffic conditions: FOX2now.com/Traffic