Weekend Events Could Be Affected By Spring Winter Storm

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - The calendar says spring, but the threat of snow this weekend feels more like winter.  The timing of this storm is causing concern for some outdoor event organizers.

On Sunday morning, Jeff Marvin is planning to host the second annual Relay and Run for 21 half-marathon. He established the race in honor of his three year-old son, Peter, diagnosed with Down syndrome. The run raises awareness, and money, for the genetic condition.

Unfortunately, this year’s threat of snow has given him several sleepless nights.  Marvin explains, “We’ve been planning this for four to six months, and now it’s been very stressful because we don’t want to call the race off.  We have 600 people signed up and 150 volunteers that plan on coming out and supporting us.”

Marvin would hate to cancel, but knows a snowy race could be dangerous.  If it snows, slippery roads would be dangerous for runners, and the cones to direct traffic could be run over by snow plows.
But not all events this weekend are impacted by bad weather. In Hartford, Illinois, roughly a dozen will re-enact the beginning of Lewis and Clark’s expedition for the public.  Historian and re-enactment organizer Mike Stout explains, “Our re-enactors are tough, and will actually stay here, even if it starts getting bad.”

To the actors, braving the elements makes it all the more authentic. Terry Sorchy and his wife traveled from Wisconsin to participate, and don’t mind the inclement weather.  Sorchy says, “It allows us to interpret honestly to the public when they come in and they say, ‘Were you cold last night?’ Well, yes I was. So were they back in 1804 and you know exactly pretty much how they felt.”

These history buffs are optimistic that the public will brave the cold to learn a little about the area’s historic legacy.  

As for the half-marathon, Marvin is at least optimistic about next year.  The race organizer explains, “Last year was great, 73, and this year it’s going to be 33. So next year, maybe it’ll be about 53 and we won’t have to worry about this.”
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