People Dealing With Midwest Weather Coaster Ride

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- The extended winter is giving some people fits.

Natasha Greene and her friends walk their dogs, wishing the weather was like a year ago when the temperature soared into the 80`s. A snowy forecast gets under her skin.

Three-year-old Sienna Kelley and her grandmother bundle up to go to the zoo. When you`re an animal lover, the chilly weather doesn`t matter.

The folks at Hartke Nursery would love some warmth to sell their flowers. They were so busy with the early spring last year they could hardly keep up. Now grey skies and the fear of falling flakes have cut business in half.

The golf course in Forest Park is all but empty, it was packed in March of 2012. And while some golfers are tired of winter, others are already dreading what`s coming up on the calendar.

The St. Louis weather coaster is right on track.