Illinois Schools Cut Budgets As State Owes Millions

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COLLINSVILLE, IL (KTVI) – Several Metro East school districts are in money trouble this year and their strained budgets could get even tighter next school year.

Collinsville is one of many districts working to educate kids while district officials say they wait for money owed to them by the state of Illinois.

Monday, the school board voted to cut 19 teachers.  Some of them are part-time. The superintendent says the board then eliminated nine support staff positions.

The district needs to cut $1.7 million from its budget.

Superintendent Robert Green says the state of Illinois owes Collinsville $3 million and is worried about more cuts in the 2014-2015 school year, “I think we're probably facing additional cuts and I base that on the governor's proposed budget for the next school year would cut school districts another seven percent and that would translate to a million two for Collinsville.”

Other districts in trouble are Belleville Township District 201, which voted earlier this week to lay off three full time teachers and one part time teacher.

Alton is expecting a $2 million shortfall next school year. Granite City is expecting  a $7.6 million shortfall and many others in St. Clair and Madison Counties are looking at shortfalls.

With federal sequester budget cuts coming, extracurricular activities could be next on the chopping block.