Lionel: Self Incrimination

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Cameras and social media make it harder to hide from your words and missteps.

Lionel looks at how protection against self incrimination has changed with technology.

There used to be this instinct that we had that protected us against and from self-incrimination.

You could even see it with kids. What are you doing? Nothing. Who broke this vase or vase? I don`t know. It wasn`t lying per se but just a very well-learned automatic autonomic reaction that protected us against self-incrimination.

Well, that`s all changed. Enter social media that are perfect for recording antisocial behavior. Here`s what`s happening. First, let me explain a major component in this mix and that`s narcissism. A self-focusing, egomaniacal, egocentric self-absorption and frame of reference. Me, me, me. Social media prey on it, they potentiate it. In fact: Facebook is for the narcissist, Twitter is for the exhibitionist.

You see, years ago ordinary folks never had a self-absorption stage and platform quite like this. It`s inspired in more people a sense of extreme me more than anything anyone could have ever imagined. I mean there were always cameras and the like, but those never provided for the immediate platform of dissemination.

Enter now: social media. So not only can you take a picture of yourself in full splendor often times committing a crime, you can then upload and post it. Just like the idiot Steubenville teens charged with inter alia, among other things, rape. In fact, social media inspire and ferret out the idiotic, the stupid, the self-possessed.

Why? Because so great is the need for attention that social media inspire that the idea of incriminating behavior has all but evaporated. We have no self-interest, self-preservation self-regulation. That gets in the way of publicity and renown. It`s the look at me world. Take a soulless, vacuous and vapid zero, give him or her a Facebook page and imaginary, virtual friends. The platform and stage to promote all that is self-laudatory.

Take this void and vacant vessel and the trappings of a stage and just sit back and watch. It`s truly amazing. How truly amazing is it? So amazing that people are basically handing criminal convictions to prosecutors on a silver platter. They make their own case. They incriminate themselves. And to think the drafters of the constitution thought so much of the right to be protected from having this testimony compelled and forced from us that they gave us the Fifth Amendment.

In a very short amount of time, that will go the way of the spittoon. The difference between fame and infamy has evaporated. They`ve vanished. They don`t exist anymore. And what`s more fascinating is that so immersed are we in self-incrimination that we`ve lost any allergy or objection to surveillance. And what`s the most fascinating aspect of this is that they cannot imagine the potential of millions seeing their postings.

They think that only their circle of friends see it. From congressman sexting their genitals, to the sons of prominent officials posting and boasting anti-Semitic rants, they believe they`re invisible.

Insignificant, yes, but not invisible.


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