Cleveland NJROTC’s Fate Could Be Decided Tonight

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The fate of a St. Louis magnet school could be decided tonight. This after the superintendent suggested closing the school to help balance the budget.

Cleveland NJROTC Academy is one of four schools recommended for closure. The small naval magnet school boasts high academic achievement and graduation rates, but the problem is low enrollment.

With just 266 students, it`s the smallest high school in the district, and in the superintendent`s opinion, too costly to keep open.

Ever since the school was slated for closure last month, alumni, students and staff have been fighting back.

Throughout the past few weeks, they`ve attended town hall meetings, started a petition, and went door to door throughout the school`s neighborhood.

Last Thursday, several alums presented a plan to Dr. Adams to help increase enrollment.

Since then, he`s been weighing both sides of the issue.

Tonight, the superintendent is expected to present his decision to school board members.

The board will then vote on whether to approve his recommendation.

Watch FOX 2 at 9 and 10 tonight to find out how it all turned out.

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