Arch & Park Improvement Tax Proposal Generating Controversy

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- On April 2nd, voters in the city and in St. Louis County decide whether to raise the sales tax to funnel extra money to parks, bike trails, and the Gateway Arch grounds.

It's called Proposition P and it's starting to generate a lot of controversy.

Prop P would raise the sales tax by 3/16th's of one cent in the city and county. The $30 million a year would be split among parks in the city and county, the Great Rivers Greenway Bike and Walking Trails and the Gateway Arch Grounds.

City and county voters will decide on Prop P on Tuesday, April 2nd, and the quiet campaigns both for and against it are heating up.

Supporters say the tiny sales tax hike would improve parks across the city and county, would help create new green ways and recreational trails and would help re-furbish the Gateway Arch grounds, including creating nine new acres of parkland by demolishing the parking garage at the south end of the Arch.

But opponents, including the St. Louis County Republican Party, say we can't afford the new tax and it's not needed, anyway.

Groups like Civic Progress and the Regional Chamber of Commerce support the plan, while the county republicans and libertarian party oppose it. City and county voters cast ballots of Proposition P on Tuesday, April 2nd.

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