Woman Wants Cemetery Workers To Fix Leaning Headstone

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) –  A Belleville woman claims she paid for the proper installation of the headstone at her parent’s grave.   Months have past and its sinking into the ground.  She called Contact2 looking for some help after repeated requests for answers from the owners of the cemetery.

Vicky Staggs buried her parents at Friedens Cemetery near Bellefontaine.  She visits her parents` grave monthly.  A tradition started in Oct. 2011 when her mother passed. Her father died in Dec. 2012 and he was buried above his wife.   Photos show what Vicky saw during those visits. The headstone started leaning soon after her mother's burial and the lean continued even after her father's burial.

She says the concrete footing is not heavy enough.  'It should be 36 inches below ground for the weight of the headstone that I have.’

Vicky says she paid $367 dollars to have ample concrete poured.   'I see that many headstones are level been here many years, done properly.  But I see that my parents` is not done properly.'
The owner of the cemetery wouldn't go on camera but he told me over the phone that the ground may not have settled when concrete was poured after the first burial.  When we went to the cemetery with Vicky it was clear the headstone was moved and soil added.  But Vicky says she' can't get anyone to tell her if this indicates they're going to pour more concrete.  'The grave now, there`s no other graves here that way. It`s just dirt.  I don`t understand.'

The owner tells me once the ground is dry enough they will return to pour the footing.   Vicky wants it done as soon as possible.  ‘I only asked that it be fixed.  Like I said my parents paid hard earned money for this and I think it`s a matter of respect that it be done properly'

We're going to follow up with the owners of the cemetery so that Vicky and her family get what they paid for.  She says proper installation of the footing is the only way to show her deceased parents their due respect.  Call our contact 2 phone lines if you have a consumer issue, volunteers take calls Monday through Thursday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.   The toll free number is (800) 782-2222

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