Windsor Workers Told To Bring Their Own Toilet Paper

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WINDSOR, MO – Budget cuts seem to be hitting a small Missouri town very hard. So much so, that they’ve cut back on the toilet paper supply. The Mayor of Windsor gets why it might be funny to some folks. Everybody likes potty humor. But, he wasn’t laughing.

“The number one emotion is embarrassment. We have a lot of good things going on in our little town. And this is the topic.” said Mayor Justin Brown.

It was Tuesday when a woman came to the podium at the Board of Alderman meeting and asked if she could do some fundraising for the city. They were all smiles.

“And then that’s when she told us it was for toilet paper for the men at the city barn.” said Mayor Justin Brown

Nancy Dunbar was the one at the podium. The mayor learned indeed the men at the public works barn had been supplying their own TP.

Dunbar says others who stuck around after she left heard the administrator admit she was behind it.

The city administrator didn’t want to go on camera. BUt she told me over the phone that she never made any remark about the guys having to bring their own TP or even about them using too much. She says the public works director told the guys that the budget was tight and things somehow spun from there. The public works director did not return my call.

“We are always looking for ways to save money. We always are. I’m just fearful that this finally hit a fever pitch and this is where it got ridiculous.” said Mayor Justin Brown.

By: Betsy Webster – KCTV via CNN

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