Quick Rising Water Catches Drivers Off Guard

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO. (KPLR) - It just seemed too soon in the year for flooding to become a problem but it has along the Big River in parts of Jefferson County.

A combination of snow melt and recent rain sent water rushing over Highway W and over Twin Rivers Road.

Danyelle Kampen was unable to move her horses by trailer because of the water and she worried about when it would be safe to do so.

"We went from a drought to flooding," said Kampen.  "I can't believe the waters went up this quickly."

One driver was stranded because she took a chance.  Her car stuck along a flooded out road in Franklin County.  Others sailed through the water without any problems.

"I just watched a guy go through in his truck," said Roalnd Petofe.  "I don`t believe I'll try it."

Petofe was not the only one turning around.  A woman in a Ford Aerostar van decided to turn around, even though a few truck in front of her were going through the water on Highway W.

"You don't want to do something stupid," she said.

That`s exactly what the driver of a black Trans Am said about his decision to drive through the water.

"This car sits low to the ground and it made it through," he said.

First responders warn drivers to never take a chance when it comes to water covering a road.  There's no telling what's underneath.

For more information on river levels, click here.

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