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(KPLR) – Political analysts say republicans need to become more moderate.   Missouri republicans seem to be going in the opposite direction. And that's today's topic in Jacology.

A contrarian is someone who goes against conventional wisdom. Often conventional wisdom is wrong, so contrarians have given us the Mona Lisa, electric light and everything ever made by Apple. And often the conventional wisdom is right, which is why contrarians have also given us Custer’s last stand, the great recession and the Iraq war.

The Missouri Republican Party under Chairman Ed Martin has become a contrarian organization. Only time will tell if that makes him Steve Jobs or General Custer. After republicans lost last November’s presidential election and lost five of six statewide races in Missouri, conventional wisdom was that republicans needed to become more moderate.

Otherwise; went the conventional wisdom the GOP would keep losing, as minorities, young people and women abandoned the republican brand. Ed Martin thinks not.   The former candidate for attorney general and congress and tea party favorite, says the GOP has to unchain it's inner conservative.

Martin is now in a war of words with former Missouri republican senator John Danforth. Danforth, a moderate, e-mailed martin and said quote, “who else to you want to kick out of the party”? That was in response to martin e-mailing out an attack on republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Martin will continue to build the Missouri GOP into a dug-in conservative organization. If his contrarian impulses are correct, it could lead Missouri republicans to an even tighter grip on state politics. If those impulses are wrong and even more women and young people and minorities reject the GOP Martin could be remembered as the man who commanded full speed ahead on the bridge of the Titanic.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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