Jacology: Jefferson City Legislature

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(KPLR) – Missouri lawmakers are holding hearings today about concealed carry permits.  On Monday’s on Jacology, Charles Jaco wonders why?

These are serious times, and they call for serious leadership with serious ideas. Which may be why Missouri is in so much trouble.

The most recent example involves the panic in the Missouri General Assembly to hold hearings and pass laws that would stop the Missouri Department Of Revenue from keeping copies of any paperwork it gets when people apply for concealed firearms permits. What's the problem? It seems some in Jeff City are afraid the state of Missouri will share that information with the federal government, making it easier for big brother to track down gun owners.

If that sounds crazy, well consider the source. This is the same legislature considering laws making it a crime to enforce federal gun laws in Missouri. The lawmakers sponsoring this nonsense come from some of the poorest parts of the state, where jobs are scarce, infant mortality is high, education levels are low and meth is out of control. But why deal with any of that, when you can instead engage in paranoid gun fantasies?

Among the people wasting our time and tax dollars with this circus about gun registration documents are the state's lieutenant governor and the state's speaker of the house. By fanning the flames of a non-existent gun conspiracy, they seem to be taking aim at the black helicopter united nations conspiracy voters.

We have serious problems in this state. We should be tackling them, not wasting our time with paranoid fantasies about a secret conspiracy to track gun owners.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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