Bernthal – The Way It Oughta Be: IKEA

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(KPLR) – You heard the rumor.  IKEA might be coming to St. Louis, but have we heard this rumor too often?

I brought my chair to this spot because I want to start a rumor that this will be the new location for the 1st ever IKEA in St. Louis.

You have probably heard the rumor that that the store might be coming to St. Louis.  There's been such a big push by St. Louis shoppers to bring the store here that they even formed their own Facebook page.

Some of you might wonder what IKEA is.  It's sort of a furniture store with low prices and creative designs.

I describe it this way.  You will spend an entire day looking at all they offer.  Then you will spend several days trying to put together the stuff you buy.

I do know this.  IKEA has sure gotten a lot of free publicity for doing nothing in St. Louis.  So please tell me when it's true.  That's when I'll believe it.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.

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