Walmart Worker Stops Scam Before It’s Too Late

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FENTON, MO (KTVI)-- A Walmart worker at the Gravois Bluffs store in Fenton, Mo helped save a grandmother a bundle of money.

That grandmother was about to wire $2,100 to someone she thought was her grandson.  Turns out it was an imposter, working an all too common scam.

The grandmother asked us to identify her only by her first name.  Doris received a phone call this week from someone pretending to be her grandson.  He said he took a trip to Mexico and ended up in jail.

"He was very convincing," said Doris.

The story the imposter told, indicated that her grandson was with someone who was caught carrying drugs.

The caller said a representative from the U.S. Embassy would get on the phone to confirm the details.

Then Doris says the caller pulled at hear heart asking, "Now grandma and grandpa you've always been there for me, can I depend on you?"

Doris said the imposter asked her to keep the details a secret. She went to the Walmart store in Fenton, thinking she was about to help her grandson.

That's when courtesy counter clerk Brenda G'Sell came to the rescue.  She could see Doris was stressed and asked her why she wanted to send the money.

"I tried to talk her into making a call to her grandson,"explained G`Sell.

Her quick thinking convinced Doris to go back home and check on her grandson.  Turns out he was fine and did not need any money.

"This is so upsetting it just tares my heart out," said Doris.

She shared her story with us in hopes that nobody else becomes a victim of the scam.

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