Belleville Man Using Youtube To Help Save Home

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) - A Belleville man has taken to YouTube to save his home, after city authorities plan to demolish it as early as this week. It caught fire in November 2011, and has been uninhabitable ever since.

Homeowner John Foutch spent Wednesday evening clearing out his belongings and preparing for demolition, all the while hoping and praying it doesn’t happen.

According to the Belleville City Attorney’s office, the home will be condemned and knocked down as early as this week, since Foutch never got the permit he needs to make major repairs.

But Foutch, who doesn’t have homeowners’ insurance, says he is trying to feed a family of four on $950 per month.

Add some recent deaths and other misfortunes to the equation, and he says he simply hasn’t had the time or money to make the home livable again.

Foutch says he’s particularly upset about the whole ordeal since he planned to hand down the house to his children.

Now, he’s praying the city will show him some sympathy, and give him more time.  Foutch says, “This land is my land, not for them just to take because of a $600 permit, because of the problems I have in my life, you know? They should work with me.”

Since Foutch took to YouTube to share his side of the story, he’s received sympathy and donations from around the country, as well as locally.

According to Foutch, the city also wants him to pay the several thousand dollars it will cost to knock down the home.

FOX 2 has reached out to Belleville city officials, who have not yet responded.

Youtube video to include:

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