Police Shoot, Kill Suspect After South St. Louis Shooting

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The breakup of a couple turned tragic Tuesday afternoon, led to two shootings on two ends of town.  A woman is dead, her daughter is injured, and the gunman was shot and killed by police.

It began just before 2:00 pm with an argument between the 37 year old suspect and the 32 year old woman.  Police arrived at the house on Tennessee in south St. Louis to find the woman shot on her front porch.

“They worked at Target,” St. Louis Police Captain Dan Howard said.  “He was recently terminated and early on it’s our understanding they were breaking up. He was going to drop off some keys as the end of that break up and something went terribly wrong and we don’t know exactly what that is.”

The woman’s fifteen year old daughter was also shot, but is expected to survive.

Police surrounded the house, but the suspect was already gone.  Officers around the city were put on the lookout for a blue Buick.  The car was spotted in north city and police went after it.

“He was trying to elude officers in the neighborhood and in the area,” Chief Sam Dotson told reporters at the scene.  “We have the ability to deploy spike strips relatively quickly.  It’s just a matter of getting ahead of the vehicle.”

The car ran into a dead end at Turner and Lee with its tires flattened.  The only choice the suspect had was to throw it in reverse.

“As it began to back up the suspect pointed a gun out the rear window and at that time the officers that were following the vehicle exited their vehicle and took defensive positions.  Then, fearing the individual was about to shoot at them, began firing at the suspect,” Dotson said.

Police recovered the gun in the car.

Family members of the suspect were on the scene shortly after the shooting.  One man, identifying himself as an uncle, confirmed the domestic problems, but questioned how things ended.

“That’s my nephew is all and I hate to see him leave us at an early age but you’ve got to pay for your crimes,” Terrance Anderson said. “But they’ve got jail.  That’s a whole bunch of gunshots.  I don’t think it took all that at a dead end street.”

The names of the suspect and victim still have not been released.

Police say the couple had two children that were theirs.  Both attend a daycare center that was placed on lockdown as police worried the man might go there.  The woman has a second child, whose school was also placed on lockdown.

Two officers fired the fatal shots at the suspect.  Police say both are thirty years old and have been on the force for four years.

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