Mendte: Sequestration

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – The gun control debate is a hot topic on Capitol Hill.  Another hot issue, the forced federal spending cuts.  Larry Mendte wonders what other effects we really will see.

How are you surviving sequestration, the mandatory cuts to the federal budget that were supposed to wreak national havoc.

It officially started Friday and we were warned we would feel the effects immediately.

Planes falling out of the sky, rotten meat causing an e-coli outbreak, babies going hungry.

All of those dire warnings of the apocalypse and now we are told.

But it was the president and others in his administration who made the dire predictions - also known as lies.

Even when the president said the apocalypse isn`t coming, he still claimed  that the janitors at the White House were going to have their pay cut, the Washington Post gave that 4 Pinocchio’s, its highest lie rating.

The president said police would be cut, again four Pinocchio’s.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan claimed 40 thousand teachers would be laid off, not one will be laid off because of the cuts, again four Pinocchio’s.

Here is the truth, by the end of the year 45 billion will be cut out of the federal budget, since we are expected to spend almost 4 trillion; that`s a cut of a little over 1 percent and we will still spend more this year than we did last year.

The crying and screaming from the president like a child who was told he couldn`t buy a toy was about a plan that he came up with that dirty word sequestration was the president`s idea.

And it will turn out to be a good thing because we have to stop spending more than we have.

This is really about the 2014 midterm elections and the president wants the democrats to win  back the house.

He thought by making the republicans look like the meanies who didn`t care about teachers or janitors or babies, it could be used as a campaign issue against them.

But polls showed you never fell for it and were never really scared about sequestration; good for you, you`re smarter than Washington thinks you are.


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