Contact 2: Tow Truck Charges

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – A stranded motorist calls for a tow truck in North County.  The response was quick but the bill was outrageous.   If her SUV could talk, it just might say, be careful who you call to tow your vehicle.    Rachel Gregory is the vehicle owner.  Two weeks ago it stopped not too far from her home.  She used her smart phone to locate a tow company.  Things were fine according to Rachel.  'They put the truck on the bed.  And took it to the house.  He signed the papers.  Everything, we thought was fine.  '

She paid for the 79 dollar tow with her debit card.  Soon after her vehicle arrived at her home, Rachel tells me she called to check her balance.  'I had nothing but 40 dollars. They took out $78.80 then they took out a dollar and then they took $605.17.'

Rachel really became frustrated when she tried to get answers from pep boys towing.  'Everybody kept sending me from PEP Boys to customer service to "Tow To Pep", and back to customer service.   I didn`t get anything settled. '

I've called pep boys three times in the past week and sent two emails to customer service and media relations on two different occasions.  No response.   We discovered the Philadelphia based company contracts with local tow companies and dispatches from a call center.  After multiple calls to customer service, the charge was eventually reversed.  Sort of.  'On the 20th, they were supposed to reverse the charges.  They did reverse the charges.  And then they took it back out. '
When it was put back into her account the second time, Rachel went to the bank.  'I cancelled that card. WHY?  Because if you can take $605.17 without me knowing, somebody is using my card.'

Fortunately Rachel checks her account frequently.   In this case it helped her catch the overcharge.  What she can`t understand is why no one can explain how this happened.   We never got an explanation either.   If you have a consumer issue, call us.  The toll free number is 800 782-2222.   The lines are open Monday through Thursday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

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