Kid’s Life Saved By Heimlich Maneuver TV Lesson

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – If you were writing a children's book you might call it 'The Incredible Case of the Popcorn Chicken and the Little Girl who Saved Lunch.'

Last Wednesday was like any at Fox Elementary for Kylie Haegele and Hannah Underwood, except for the fact that popcorn chicken was on the lunch menu and.

'That day the weather was a little rough outside and when it starts to snow kids get a little anxious as well,' says Principal Lisa Sell.  'So the noise level could have been increased absolutely.'

'I was sitting across from Hannah and I was eating popcorn chicken and I think I choked because I was trying to talk and eat at the same time,' says Kylie Haegele.

Kylie began to turn red and couldn't breathe.
Her classmates yelled for help, but like most schools, it was a loud lunchroom.

'When they were yelling and she didn't come over I just got up and did the Heimlich maneuver,' says Hannah Underwood the eight year old heroine.

'Hannah didn't even question what she had to do,' says Tina Sumner the school`s nurse.  'She didn't run to try and get an adult.  She took it upon herself to solve the issue that was going on, to solve the problem.'

'I put my hands right here and did that three times,' says Underwood.

'And then the chicken came up,' says Hegel.

'One little push and there went the popcorn chicken,' says Sells.  'Came right up.'

So how does the Heimlich come right up to mind for an eight year old heroine?

'I was watching a TV show,' says Underwood.

'And I was like, 'Wow this is when TV is a good thing to watch you know.`' Says Sumner.

'Little people are amazing,' says Sells.  'They are very, very amazing.'

'So now when you want to watch TV and stay up late do you tell your Mom, 'It might save a life?'' asks Patrick Clark.

'Mmm hmmm,' says Underwood.

'Will you be chewing popcorn chicken 20 to 30 times now each time you take a bite,' asks Patrick Clark.

So take it from Kylie, chew up your chicken, and choose your friends wisely.

They might just save your life one day.

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