Mendte: Random Act Of Kindness

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Want to hear more "good news" instead of the crime and grime.

Larry Mendte suggests we follow in the footsteps of this Indianapolis business man.

I want to tell you one of the best stories I have heard in a long time and if you have already heard it, it`s worth hearing again; because there are lessons to be learned.

Art Bouvier, who the locals call papa, runs a Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis.

There was an awful ice storm and papa was up early putting rock salt in the parking lot.

Along came this teenage boy, Jhaqueil Reagan, asking for directions to a thrift store, papa told him it was ten miles down the road; but in this ice and cold he should take the bus, the boy said thank you and walked on.

15 minutes later papa Bouvier was running an errand and saw the teenager walking in the road;  he pulled over and asked why didn`t you take the bus, Jhaqueil said he couldn`t afford it, so Bouvier gave him a lift.

The teenager was interviewing for a minimum wage job at the thrift store; so papa Bouvier waited for him, when Jhaqueil told him he didn`t get the job, Bouvier hired him to work at the diner for more than minimum wage.

Bouvier wrote about the story on his Facebook page and from there it became national news, the diner became famous and has tripled its business.

But happy endings don`t just happen, you work for them.

Teenagers get a bad rap these days as being lazy, not Jhaqueil Reagan, it was his drive and work ethic that impressed papa Bouvier and earned him his job.

And as for papa Bouvier, good deeds are always rewarded.

And what a great job by the media in Indianapolis for covering this story.

For this story isn`t as unique as it was made out to be on the news, they happen every day, we have to do a better job of finding these stories and telling them.

Inspiring news is important and contagious.

We need to recognize simple acts of kindness and everyday heroes like papa Bouvier, it could be our way of paying it forward, of inspiring others to be better people, to make the world a better plac, most people got into news to make a difference, here`s our chance.