Edward Jones Dome To Host Supercross Saturday

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ST,. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – To get set up for Supercross, it takes a lot of dirt in the dome.

'The dirt doesn't travel with us,' says Denny Hartwig the Monster Energy Supercross Spokesperson.  'We own dirt in all the cities that we go to.'

It takes 500 truckloads to make these tracks.

With 17 cities on the Monster Energy Supercross circuit, the consistency of each course is bound to be different.

'Dirt is the most prized possession for these guys,' says Hartwig.  'So the dirt here in St. Louis is like gold.  When we start in California the dirt is really hard.  Now we've worked our way to the Midwest, it's very tacky dirt and the riders seem to love it.'

After the events this weekend, all that dirt will head back over the river to Sauget, Illinois until next year.

So it doesn't hurt to have good dirt and it also helps to have a dome to call home for your big race.

'We're really thankful we have a dome over our heads,' says Hartwig.  'Cause we've gone to other cities, Salt Lake City, sometimes it's snowing and it`s an open air stadium.'

Which is why the riders have to stay in shape during their Supercross season.

'They're riding a road bike and they're at a gym and they've got trainers,' says Hartwig.  'It may look easy but we've proven that these guys during a 20 minute lap main event, their heart rates are at 96% of their maximum.'

Every ten year old has probably ridden their bicycle over a homemade ramp at some point in their life.

But these riders hit some serious rare air.

'Look when I was a kid I could jump a foot,' says Patrick Clark.

'Yeah, right behind us here is a triple jump,' says Hartwig.  'It's going to send them three stories high and 70 feet distance.  Believe it or not, these guys will say it's the easiest jump on the track because it's not as technical.'

But technically speaking, I think I`ll leave that to the riders and I'll stay closer to the ground.
You know, close to that good St. Louis dirt.

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