Collinsville Gun Show Expects Big Crowds

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COLLINSVILLE, IL (KPLR)-- Big crowds are expected to jam the Gateway Center in Collinsville, Illinois this weekend because of worry and concern.  Gun enthusiasts are fearful of what politicians in Washington may do concerning gun laws so they are expected to turn out for the ECA Gun Show.

It`s about the tenth year they`ve held the show in Collinsville and this year`s could have the largest turnout ever.  Organizers predict a 25 percent jump in visitors.  Four-hundred tables of merchandise from 50 different dealers fill the halls.  There is 1 and ¼ mile of guns, knives and collectibles on display.

After the mass shootings around the country elected leaders began debating limiting sales of certain guns as well as high capacity magazines.  That debate has fired up gun sales and it`s also why thousands of people are expected at the show this weekend.

Bob Leckrone is a spokesman with the ECA Gun Show. "Definitely the erosion of the second amendment that`s certainly a big concern with all the people attending these shows and all the dealers and the majority of people in Southern Illinois are concerning about losing their gun rights," he said.

The show begins Saturday morning and runs through Sunday.